Rowe St, Eastwood

This project involves the upgrade of the busiest shopping street in Eastwood, one of the most successful “Eat” Streets in the Ryde Municipality. Pedestrian amenity such as wider footpaths, trees, raingardens and an integrated furniture suite were added to transform the character of the street. A series of Granny Smith Green seats are placed within a new rain gardens to create more relaxed and intimate pedestrian places within the larger space, whilst Green Park Furniture remembers the birth place of the Granny Smith Apple. A threshold marker “Apple Peel” element, was added at the top of the street as an ode to Maria Ann Smith and to give a greater foundation to a series of subtle interventions.

Client City of Ryde Council
Year 2013
Scope Concept Design
Team MWA & Gallagher Ridenour
Location Eastwood, NSW