Sydenham Station

The newly completed Station has been given a simple and broad "facelift"! A glazed brick datum is laid out along the breadth of the station facade, creating a unifying horizontal across the 2 station walls, inside and outside the entry spaces. Two complimentary colours, a pale blue background and a rich orange glaze which forms a text and sill highlight, work well in dynamic opposition. The cycle rack, a barometer of the diurnal use of the station, intermingles and overlays bicycle calligraphy with the rich oranges of the name graphic.

Client Transport NSW
Year 2013
Scope Design, Documentation
Location Sydenham, NSW
  • The bike rack is a great overlay, a barometer of those gone to work.

  • Beautiful autumn light

  • A sketch of the window sill. The orange creates the datum and soaks up the 3D reveal.