October 9, 2013
10:31 am

Young Lane Rabbitohs Wall

Our lane is pretty boring. We wanted to do something. We thought maybe a bunny wall might be of interest. So we put down our pencils, got away from our screens and got dirty with some clay.

  • The lane, as you can see...

  • First we carved a master mould, then we baked it, (like pizza, but 4 times hotter)

  • With the help of a plaster cast we started a breeding program.... before long we had a scrum

  • Some bunnies chose a jumper, (thanks Laura!!)

  • Before long we had the whole team, laid out, ready to go

  • First we planted the grass,

  • Before too long, our master tradesmen had the job in hand

  • Here you can see the team chasing down a kick

  • Sometimes they are so fast,

  • they appear at both places at once