Llankelly Lights: a spectrum

A look at our project at Llankelly Place in Kings Cross some 12 years later..

There are 11 light screens along the lane and they are laid out with fixed colours, from red at the Darlinghurst Road end, to amber, then yellow, ending in green at the Springfield Gardens end. This colour change, combined with the transparency gives simple yet richly layered visual effects, which add to the spatial qualities of the lane.

Red lights, red awnings and red signs proliferate at the red end next to the “Red Light District” of Darlinghurst Road. At the Green end, the large green trees of Orwell place reflect the green of the light screens. And so the lights are both reflective of and reflected by the differing characteristics of each end of the lane.

Like each of the radiating circle forms, the colour sequence is intentionally harmonic. Kings Cross remains a busy and at times gritty place and so the lights were in someways conceived as a calming antidote.


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