Since 1999 MWA has been winning design awards + competitions for Multi-Res Housing, Interiors, Small Projects, Heritage, Art and Urban Design

Our track record of AIA, AILA and PIA awards is a testament to the design capability of the office to work on a range of project scale and type. The common thread to all these projects is an abiding interest in city shaping, place making projects.

At the heart of MWA’s approach is the understanding of place and program. Through research, analysis and an understanding of historic models and types, key design principles are established. These principles provide a foundation and framework for all future stages of the design process, grounding the project through contending priorities, stakeholder and technical requirements, regardless of scale or complexity.

MWA’s work is a careful balance between the poetic and the pragmatic, the rational and the robust, where disparate parts are coordinated and organised to create a unified and memorable whole.


Our experience in over 20 years of practice has shown that the most successful projects are those built on respectful and trusting collaborations between architect, client and builder. We are interested in creating such relationships in which there is trust about what each party brings to the process and an implicit agreement about the quality of the project.

The design of architectural projects is inherently complex, involving a raft of technical consultant and client inputs, in an iterative process. To repeat this process a 2nd  or even a 3rd or 4th time makes the process so much more efficient, with greater potential to produce a quality outcome.

Many of MWA’s award-winning projects have been the result of this process. With several private developer/builders MWA has done multiple projects, each one an improvement and refinement on the last, most recently producing Llandaff Street apartments  (top left) as our 4th project with the same developer and design team.

Our culture of collaboration begins in the studio – an open-plan space shared with other creative practices, collectively known as ‘Studio 5’. Through the sharing of resources, exchange of ideas, joint design critiques and cooperative learning, Studio 5 is a place of cumulative growth, mutual critique and diverse discussion around design and city-making, development and design standards.

Complex Design

Architectural projects of scale are necessarily complex, and it is to this complexity that design can add value. Design can synthesise complex information, services and programmatic requirements into a unified, coherent and legible whole. It can also bring delight and meaning, transcending the program of any brief and, as a result, transform infrastructure into city artefact or housing into place. At the core of any successful development, is the importance of people and their experiences.

MWA’s record of award-winning projects, (more than a dozen form the AIA and AILA), ranging from the metropolitan scale of the North-West Metro, to  the neighbourhood scale of Jacaranda Square at Olympic Park, or the award winning Woolloomooloo apartments, to the intimacy of the Laneway Studio, are all testament to design adding value and to leaving an enduring legacy of memorable places within the city.

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