Alumni Park

Alumni Park
UNSW, Sydney, NSW

Client University of New South Wales
Year Current
Scope Design, Documentation
Team Jonathon Hoare, Peter McGregor, Chantelle Noorizadeh

Alumni Park is being refurbished and formalised as one of UNSW premier public and student gathering places. The Park consists of a large green open lawn, framed by Student housing to the north and new faculty buildings on the south, creating a dramatic and well scaled outdoor room. Central to project is the refurbishment of the existing “Tribune” structure, which is to be transformed into the new “Meeting Place”. The “Meeting Place” is a series of bleacher like seats extending across the width of the tribune structure from which one can look eastwards towards and over the vast green room of the park and university.
The bleacher seating is designed as a multi-valent space enabling and including informal gathering for students and the public alike, as well as ceremonies, presentations, outdoor film and theatre events. Further works include the widening and continuation of Alumni Walk, which connects this new space to the Anzac Parade and the new light rail. Where the walk passes along side the park, a new tree colonnade interspersed with playful hammock structures and mist installations, creates a place for pause and student play.


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