Light Horse Park

Light Horse Park
Liverpool, Sydney, NSW

Client Liverpool Council
Year 2020
Scale 2,300 sqm
Scope Concept, Design
Team Wes Grunsell, Chantelle Noorizadeh, Peter McGregor with Libby Gallagher

This is a concept design for a 2,000 m2 community facility, developed as a part of the Master Plan for Light Horse Park in the Liverpool CBD. The narrow building footprint provides an active and defining edge to the park, whilst also retaining the railway bridge behind.

It is conceived to provide new recreational and community facilities for local residents. The multi-functional facility will be owned by Council to use for programs and activities to support Liverpool’s diverse
community groups including youth, migrant, refugees, seniors, people with disability and women. Other facilities include a new 60 place child care facility, function space, public toilets and a kiosk/ café.

The design incorporates an accessible roof top terrace with 2 multi-functional fenced
courts and lift with ramp and stair access to and from the park. Using the rooftop conserves park space and creates additional activity and inclusive facilities overlooking the park. Along it’s edge is a colonnade-like covered pathway, that connects the carpark in the south to the lift and stairs of the bridge to the north.

Planting trees will provide shade and frame the oval, while new pathways will connect north and south to the riverfront.


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