Llankelly Lights

Llankelly Lights
Kings Cross, Sydney, NSW

Client South Sydney Council
Year 2003 / 2012
Scope Design
Team Peter McGregor with Paul White, Conybeare Morrison
Location Orwell St, Darlinghurst Rd, Kings Cross
Photography Brett Boardman, Kyal Sheehan

Llankelly Place is a modest but bustling laneway connecting Orwell St and Darlinghurst Rd in Kings Cross. Lit by this series of large, brightly-coloured starbursts, inspired by the nearby El Alamein Memorial Fountain, this busy lane has become a much-loved Kings Cross landmark.

The lights and the decorative pavements beneath, both designed by architect MWA, transformed the dark, narrow passage into a welcoming pedestrian walkway. They are arranged in a spectrum of colours, from red at the entrance to Darlinghurst Rd, through orange and yellow, to green where the laneway meets the small oasis of the Springfield Gardens at Orwell Rd. In 2013, the lights underwent a major restoration. The 11 giant coloured ‘medallions’ were restored with new weatherproof light fittings and energy-efficient LED bulbs, new cables and wiring.

“His lightwork and pavements have become quiet local place markers and a sensitive evocation of a European style laneway for pedestrians.”


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