November 28, 2014
6:18 pm

Rain Lantern & Park

This recent concept was developed with Gallagher Studio. The rain lantern is an urban marker intended to work at the metropolitan scale of the city. Sited within and to be developed in tandem with, a new park, adjacent to a major motorway, the marker will broadcast rainfall statistics via the colour and height of it's lantern. If up high and orange- don't water the lawn and have a quick shower!

  • The park gently rises to the lantern at it's terminus

  • Set amongst the trees the lantern will read thru the canopy

  • Cool blues for above average rain, green, all good, orange a warning

  • The water theme is emblematic thru the park

  • Kids play within the space.

  • A forest frames the path and the views.

  • The lantern reads thru and above the tree line.