Designs on Density Published

Such a great and smart book on mid-sized apartments built throughout Australia in the last decade. Well written text and interesting selection of precedents.

MWA has two projects included, one completed in collaboration with Hill Thalis AUP.

The text is so clear and incisive with simple but profound observations;
The other benefit of concentrating on the medium sized building is that inherently the ground plane becomes important as the units relate overwhelmingly to this plane, not to the distant or abstract sky. This strengthens the interface between the unit and both the street and landscape, making these sorts of buildings ironically more urban than the high rise tower where units demonstrate more of the extreme privacy of the suburbs than the public engagement of the city

This is brilliant, Aldo Rossi had the house and tower as the same typology – “Detached” – This is why the ‘missing middle’ is still missing, it threatens urban models.


Anderson Simon, & Geoffrey London. Designs on Density. WA: University Western Australia Publishing, 2021.


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