The pale powder blue represents detached dwellings throughout the study area. 4,818 lots over 236HA, at an average of nearly 500sqm per lot. This represents 80% of the privately held land of this inner ring Sydney Study area. If we were working for the ACCC then we would call an 80% majority control of any industry A Cartel or a A Monopoly.  Imagine then if the ACC then put further controls in place to preserve this power imbalance. Well that is exactly what council do when they then declare large areas of this land as “Heritage Conservation Areas”.  This further quarantines this land from more sustainable housing types such as, 3-4 and 6 level apartment buildings, with a range of apartments types; Studios, 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments, offering choice and diversity.


Sleeping Sydney suburbs become real life museums in front of our eyes.


These images are a small excerpt from our talk at Architecture Street talks at Marrickville Library with Angelo Korsanos from Redshift


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