Ben Buckler Headland

Ben Buckler Headland
Sam Fishman park, Bondi, NSW

Client Waverley Council
Year 2007-2008
Scope Design, DA, Documentation
Team Peter McGregor with Deuce Design, 360° Architecture

Location Waverley, NSW
Photography Kyal Sheehan, Dianna Snape
Awards AIA, AILA, Urban Design and public space

This park was commissioned in 2007 to replace a carpark. The design reconciles the dramatic level changes and layout of large rock floaters, by inserting a series of concrete steps, seats, walls and terraces that afford passage down the site and create a place to enjoy the panoramic views. 

The viewing place is formed by an arrangement of lookouts and seats at the top of the site. Blue glazed bricks line their solid concrete form. Like little concrete tiaras sitting on the stone bedrock, the lookouts reinforce the iconic nature of the place and the singular quality of the views. An explicit connection with the blue light of the sky and sea is forged. The park now forms an important link between the beach and the coastal cliff walk. 

2008 NSW AIA Excellence in Landscape Architecture and Urban Design Awards


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