Denison Street Apartments - Multi-Residential architecture by McGregor Westlake Architecture

Denison Street Apartments

Denison Street Apartments
Bondi Junction, NSW

Client Private
Year Current
Scope DA, Documentation and Construction
Team Tom Droz, Damien Madell, Chantelle Noorizadeh, Peter McGregor

The Project is a mixed use “Mini-Tower’, that marks and punctuates a strategic corner at the south western end of Bondi Junction. The long rectangular site of 3:1, provides a dramatic built form as the proportions change radically depending on the viewpoint. The form is made more sculptural by the application of a consistent material palette on all facades.

The Project contains 2 levels of retail/commercial with 9 levels of apartments above, made up of a mix of apartment types including studios, 2 level maisonettes, 1 and 3 bedroom apartments. The shallow plans and corner siting ensure that all are well cross ventilated, with very good light quality.

The Built form is in 2 parts; podium and a tower. To Spring Street a 6 level podium relates to the DCP requirement for built form along Spring Street. Within this 6 level podium, level 2 is recessed to distinguish the 2 levels of commercial space from the residential above. This 2 level expression turns the corner to Denison Street, creating a lower podium and setting up the required 2 metres setback for the tower form above. This 2 level podium scale responds to the predominant 2 level built form of the terrace housing to the West. In this way the corner form responds to and stitches together, the differing scales and building types of each street.

Denison Street Apartments - Multi-Residential architecture by McGregor Westlake Architecture


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