Mays Hill Social Housing

Mays Hill Social Housing
Mays Hill, NSW

Client Land and Housing Corporation
Year 2022
Scope DA 
Team Damien Madell, Tom Droz, Chantelle Noorizadeh & Peter McGregor with LAHC

This is a recently DA approved social housing apartment building for Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) in western Sydney. The project is a high-quality social housing apartment design that takes advantage of the site’s positive qualities. It includes significant landscaping and canopy trees. It will improve safety and surveillance in the neighbourhood and provide social housing with a high level of amenity for residents – within apartments, in shared circulation areas and in the landscaped communal open spaces. The project contains a mix of 1, 2 + 3 bedroom apartments. 

The building has a simple and consolidated four-storey form that is arranged around a central access core. The street address and building entry are clearly identified and located centrally in the Patricia Street frontage. 

A calm and ordered architectural language contributes to a connected and active urban streetscape, avoiding ‘architectural featurism’. Materials include face brickwork in natural colours that are appropriate to the site’s location in Western Sydney. 

The design achieves a 7 star NatHERS rating. Circulation is open to natural light and air at each level. Materials have been chosen for their enduring qualities and to minimise maintenance. 

LAHC will use the project to provide 100% social housing. The project has a high level of accessibility and has been designed to Liveable Housing Silver standards 

Mays Hill Social Housing Architecture

Mays Hill Social Housing Architecture

Mays Hill Social Housing Architecture


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