The “Parrametre”

The “Parrametre” : An unbuilt fragment of the Parramatta Escarpment Boardwalk.

Client Parramatta City Council
Year 2014
Scope Concept, Design, Documentation
Team Tina Chow, Wes Grunsell, Peter McGregor, Hill Thalis, Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture

The “Parrametre” is an unbuilt fragment of our Parramatta Escarpment Boardwalk with Hill Thalis and Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture.

This project completes a crucial missing link to enable continuous pedestrian and cycle access from Western Sydney University at Rydalmere, through the city centre to Parramatta Park. From the new cycleway, The “Parrametre” marks a place where one may access the river or rest in the urban room created under the bridge. The last link of the landscaped-based project carries the path dramatically out over the river, in a curve and counter curve that will form a memorable city entry, adjacent to the river-cats from Circular Quay. 

Flood levels are marked up the height of the tower. Above RL 10 and up to RL 12.5, the tidal levels are recorded in an ongoing live information process. The 2.5 metre top element encapsulates the diurnal tidal range from king low to king high. This 12.5 metre cap is aligned to the Gasworks Bridge and thus it can broadcast the tidal levels to the passing pedestrian and cars.

Parrametre concept proposal by McGregor Westlake Architecture

Drawing through parramatta river with Parrametre concept and Gasworks bridge in background

drawing of parramatta river, Gasworks bridge and the parrametre tower

plan drawing of the parrametre tower, gasworks bridge and parramatta escarpment cycleway

Details of Parrametre tower

Diagram of Parrametre tower that marks tidal and flood levels of Parramatta river

perspective of parrametre tower

perspective view of the parrametre tower and parramatta escarpment boardwalk


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