St Marys Apartment Added to The Homes NSW Apartment Design Guide


The Homes NSW Apartment Design Guide has now added our St Marys Apartment building, designed for Homes NSW, to it’s case study exemplars on the DPHI website.  See this Link to the project and this Link to the 12 exemplars, including our Bourke Street project in Woolloomooloo.


From Homes NSW:

“The project provides 44 new social housing dwellings that target a critical need for housing in the Penrith LGA. Homes NSW aim was to achieve architectural, urban design and built quality excellence in the provision of social housing.


This project is the result of a competitive design process. The brief required the designers to provide a durable, low maintenance building that minimises waste and running costs and optimises the amenity and safety of residents. The brief described a building with a design life of 50 years and with emphasis on passive design features, such as north facing living areas and outdoor terraces. The architects were required to maximise the development potential of the site within environmental constraints.


McGregor Westlake has delivered a building to the high standards set by Homes NSW and Homes NSW is happy to have this building join its social housing portfolio”.





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