The Housing Crisis

This project is a speculation on the temporary strata sub-division of large terraces, of which there are thousands (Figure 1) within the city of Sydney and surrounding inner city suburbs, including Woollahra, Randwick and Inner-west LGAs.

Many of these terraces are occupied by empty nesters who might be contemplating moving to a smaller residence. The relatively simple strata sub-division would enable them to stay where they are, whilst providing an additional dwelling above.

redfern map
Figure 1

Typically the largest room in a terrace house is the 1st level front bedroom, so it makes sense that this becomes the main living area of the 2nd dwelling. Access to the new dwelling is via a new external staircase, as this mimimises changes to the internal fabric of the house.  A spiral stair can be ‘dropped’ into place and placed within the front setback. Over time the stair can be easily removed to reverse the process back to a single dwelling.

Figure 2
Figure 3

The stair reads like an iconic and sculptural emblem on the street. A pure cylindrical metal screen form, which talks to the Victorian lacework of the verandah. They might be a range of colours, broadcasting a second front door and the changes within the terrace type along the street. Stairs might come and go as housing needs fluctuate.

Technical issues such as fire rating floors or ceilings are not complex in terraces houses. A second bathroom on the ground floor or level 1 is quite easily inserted into the centre of the house.


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